Made to order


I work with woodcraft primarily by realizations of orders into interior and exterior. I create authorial frames for mirrors and paintings, statues, nativity scenes, puppets and decorative items into interior. I create duplicates of artcrafts items and I also work with restoring of woodcarvings.


Nativity scene, limewood, 47x45 cm


I offer  creation and sale of authorial statues, objects and reliefs into interior and exterior ( gardens, public space). I create also statues for aspecific theme order. I ever aim for a senzitive connection with specific space and for right choise and  harmonizing of materials.

DETECTION OF SPACE, 2008,  cast iron, sandstone, 72x70x61 cm

Made to order


I work with creating of figures and portraits on the basis of real model or on the basis of provided photography.

Gustav Adolf II, 2012, plasterŠimon, 2002, plaster

DISAPPEARING, 2003, plaster, 2 pieces each 65x40x6 cmDIRECTION I, II , 2004, bronz, each 9x10 cm, NG Prague