Josefína Dušková has worked with imprints and their energy during several years, creating and exploring organic spaces. Symbolic exploration of the empty space which is formulated by the imprint of a living being. Emotional perception of inside and outside is closely connected with the other themes of her work. Birth is first of them. It has been formulated by figural reliefs with the embryo as the central motive at the beginning. Then she moved towards symbolic expression, which was formed in space of fragile crusts, shells, little dens, nests. At the end abstractly only in space. As the growing and birth are closely connected with disappearance and transient, so tender Eros  is unavoidably meeting Thanatos in Josefínas creations. She has been seducing by unstable materials like wax, ice, plastic foam, cotton wool, pigments and plaster. She gets to the present conscious of transient life by them. Apparent surprising moments of destruction, which are included in her work, have been coming from there. She subjects thin crusts of her object to spontaneous disintegration or destructive outside interventions, envelops empty space of the universe by the fragile material. She unites this transient private inner space back with the universe, with awareness of participation in the cycle of earthly birth and death.

                                                              Lucie Šiklová

Hnízdo, koloběh

NEST I., 2006, wires, cotton wool, grass, 20x20x18 cm PERPETUAL LIFE CYCLE, 2011, polyester, 54x53x13 cm


SPRINKLING I, 2012, plaster, sand, cca 11 m


IMPRINT, 2008, cement mixture, pigments,  47 x 55 x55 cm

Molitany, erb

BODIES, 2009, plastic foam on framework, 42x53x23 cm, 58x41x21 cmCoat of arms, detail, limewood, mordant